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"Descent to Milan""Showdown In Vietri" (11x14)"Convoy Into History" - Venice"Close Quarters" - Matera (11x14)"Prayer" -  Catania (8x12 or 12x18)"Gone Fishing" - Taormina (8x12 or 12x18)"Buona Notte" - Venice"Comfortable" - MateraTwo Hour Parking (16x24)"Nature Rules" - Taormina (8x12 or 12x18)"Via Madonna" - Florence Street Art (11x14)"Roman Night" - Rome (9x16)"Still Standing" - Agrigento (8x12 or 12x18)"No Motor Needed" - Venice (10x10 or 12x12)"Living On The Edge" - Amalfi Coast (8x12 or 12x18)"Deep Lockup" - Taranto (8x12 or 12x18)"Second Floor Outhouse" - Oira Valley (10x10 or 12x12)"Time Travel" - Venice (12x16)"Tuscany on my Mind" (11x14)"Buona Sera" - Venice (11x14)

Guestbook for Italy
Julia and Tom Fredericks(non-registered)
Tom, thank you so much for the beautiful photos. They bring back good memories of our trip. Of course I keep asking why my pictures, of the same subject, don’t look like yours! Oh well! Thanks again for sharing your talent.
Kathy Donatucci(non-registered)
Wow! Very impressive, Tom! Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures. It was a nice trip down memory lane. You certainly captured our amazing trip!
Lucille Sbia(non-registered)
Tom, I relived the trip all over again. The photos are absolutely beautiful. You captured every location even better than we saw them in real time. The colors are riveting. Thank you so much for sharing them with all of us.
And you did this with a hurt leg too.
We all loved meeting so many great people on this trip.
Violet and Henry Cepeda(non-registered)
Tom, Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful memories of Italy with us. We had such a great time with everyone on this trip and your gallery photos are extraordinary. You have a great eye my friend! I hope we meet again while exploring another wonderful country!!
Tom has the most amazing eye for each photo. These from Italy are truly spectacular and true to each work of art
My Peter and I saw so many of these sites on our trips and they bring me special memories. Love the pictures
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