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Best Seat on the Prairie - (Wyoming)Built With Love - (Maine)Route 66 Rest Stop - (Maine)Le Outhouse - (Quebec, Canada)Fall Is In The Air - (CT)Time Marches On - (Maine)Tumbleweed Toilet - (Wyoming)Reading Room - (Maine)Nosebleed Seat - (Vermont)Hikers Welcome - (CT)Breezy - (CT)Season's Seating - (CT)River Throne - (Wyoming)Ladies First (CT)NOEL -  (Arkansas)Moon House - (Maine)Outback Bungalow - (Alaska)Horseshoe Hinges - (North Carolina)Down on the Farm - (Maine)Happy Hut (North Carolina)

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Shaun Donnelly(non-registered)
A unique choice of subject for the Brooks calender I have. Now I want to see some shots of "The Playwright - Limerick Salad"! :)
Kerry S. Murphy(non-registered)
The pictures are great. I give them 5 Sears Catelogs (Gold Stars)
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