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Sandy Toes (8x12 or 12x18)Trusty Plow (8x12 or 12x18)Shooting the Gap (9x16)Down to the Sea (9x16)Pagosa Nightfall (8x12 or 12x18)Night Watch (8x12 or 12x18)Back to School (9x16)Canadian Dusk (11x14)Island in the Sky  (9x16)No Worries Today (11x14)Welcome Sight (8x12 or 12x18)Heading Home (8x10)The Goin (8x10)Foggy Morning (8x12 or 12x18)Shadow (8x12 or 12x18)Welcome Lights (8x12 or 12x18)Divi Divi Standing Strong (8x12 or 12x18)Evening Shift  (8x12 or 12x18)Ready To Fish (5x15)Halo (9x16)

Guestbook for Landscapes - Seascapes
Chris Donofrio(non-registered)
Love your photography Tom. It was a pleasure meeting and speaking with you and your wife. I look forward to buying and enjoying more of your photos. Jaime, is very excited with the photo I got for her.
You truly have a gift of capturing a moment in time which makes you feel you are standing in that frame. The Italy ones are special to us because that is where our friendship began with you and Joanne, Keep shooting.....Jeanne and Jim
mike the viking repairman(non-registered)
I enjoyed all the photos and recognized many of the locations. Spent many days fishing around that lighthouse on cobbeseconte
Gil Fagiani(non-registered)
All these photos are gorgeous. Among my favorites are: "Phantom," "Evening Window," and "The Goin'."
Hawaiian Jigger(non-registered)
Testing my angling skills or lack thereof in #30 would be memorable.
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